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This section is dedicated to on the road bike and MTB excursions. All events are realized with the help of AmiBike companions, guides recognized by Uisp (federation to which our association is affiliated) and the Coni.

We can offer to our members two types of tours: on the road and through the paths of our territory tours. The excursions are planned in a professional manner and every hiker is covered by appropriate insurance against accidents. Fun yes, but safe ...

The possibilities are endless and the length and level of difficulty of the course are to be agreed. Normally, before the hike, we will have a briefing to describe the organization of the day, and to explain hikers some simple rules to enjoy the experience in the best way. A few days before, you can download the application form to be filled in by entering their data, to let us know the characteristics of each hiker. Our services are reserved to members, so before the excursion, you will have l to complete and submit the Association registration form. Membership lasts one year and it allows you to use the services offered by us, and to be covered by 'accident insurance.


Excursion by bike

Our guides propose three types of routes for each of the two categories: road or MTB. The three types of routes normally have increasing difficulty levels, but you can always adjust the paths to the characteristics of the members. As regards the Mtb excursions you can choose between: white roads, trails on clay and rock backgrounds and single track. This will depend on the experience and skills of bikers. In any case, whatever the frame, we are confident that you will be impressed by the beauty of the places.

Thanks to the collaboration with our partners Mondobici and Montefeltro Bike, it will be possible to rent Mtb or road and assisted bike (e-bike) and take the Montefeltro routes together with our guides. Thanks to the use of e-bikes with an autonomy of up to 60 km, for medium-difficulty tours, even untrained bikers on long distances will enjoy our marvelous territory.
It will be possible to customize each tour title based on the abilities of the participants.





The courses for the award of driving technique are taught by AmiBike qualified teachers are aimed especially to MTB bikers. These may be simple programs called "Driving Experience", two-day courses for a total of 8 hours of lessons, during this program the teachers will give you useful advice on how to tackle the most difficult asperities. Trust me, this experience will totally change the way you drive and  you will enjoy yourself like you have never imagined before.

The level of the course, duration and theme (knowledge of MTB, maintenance, driving), will be decided depending on the needs of bikers and you can program them at registration. Our association also collaborates in the realization of courses for "Love Bike" Companions. For those who has already some experience, you would get our diploma recognized by the Olympic Committee. Whether it is done to sharpen their knowledge of the medium and driving skills, or to enter the world of cycle-tourism and have employment opportunities,  in both cases it will be a wonderful experience. Normally the course for assistant takes place in four days, in the morning there are class lessons, and in the afternoon there are driving tests in MTB. At the end of the course, if you get a passing score,  you will receive a diploma and an Ami Bike uniform.

The next step is the course of "Mountain Bike Master" in which you acquire all the knowledge necessary to found your own National Center and teach driving techniques. Finally, there are other types of courses that it is possible to organize outside the concepts of driving and teaching such as cartography and "advanced mechanical course" the latter allows the acquisition of all the knowledge necessary to manage a workshop in a shop of bike sales and assistance. 

All these courses are carried out by the National Safe Pedalo Center together with the Amibike National MTB School. You can find all the information on dates and courses on their website.



Before the start of the programs, if you need, you can have a check-up of the MTB or you can buy accessories, at special prices, at our technical partner Mondo Bici Fermignano. You can also enjoy and relax at the wellness centers of hotel and country houses that collaborate with us at discounted prices. We will be happy to help you building your stay, and do not forget to take advantage of the Museums of nearby Urbino, or to arrange a tasting from local producers.


"Drive improving" Week-end

The most funny way to learn how to do things that you have never imagined to do with your bike. The program includes three days, during which you can exercise and practice the progress made with the help of Amibike masters.


"Full Bike&Walk" Week

During the week you can combine trips to bike lessons, mountain biking, hiking and Nordic walking. Your days will be also enriched by treatments at the wellness centers of our partners, guided city tours or tastings in our territory.

The program and the organization of the courses will be agreed upon depending on the availability of the participants.





Assistence & accessories

Before starting a weekly or weekend program , or simply before starting an excursion, we recommend checking your bike or Mtb at the workshop of the new Urbino e-Bike Tour rental. Besides mechanical assistance  we can offer you  all kinds of accessories for your vehicle or clothes. For those who need it there will be the possibility to hire bikes. All of these services are available for members of the Montefeltro Adventure Bike & Walk at discounted prices. In fact the new member card will give you the possibility to have special conditions for services provided by our technical partners.



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