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Within the project to offer 360 ° tours and to allow you to fully enjoy the wonders of our area, the Montefeltro Adventure has signed a collaboration agreement with two important and well-known stables . This allows both to  beginners and equestrian lovers to practice this wonderful sport in the hills and mountains of Montefeltro.

Both stables have skilled couriers with many years experience in this field. For details we will put you in touch with their representatives.

This type of activity can be done even if you are  beginners or whether you are experienced riders. In this case you can participate with your  own horse that will be carried in best possible way.




HORSEBACK by Ca Maddalena

The stable was born inside of  the farm of  Cà Maddalena in  Fermignano. Among their activities are those of riding (riding school) and that of country (even for beginners). The trips that  Ca M addalena offers, allow you to live in a unique way the hills and the Umbria-Marche Apennines, with its Mediterranean vegetation, the beech woods, the summit meadows and its villages, castles and hermitages witnesses of centuries of history.

Among the destinations of day trips  there are the Pietralata and the Natural Reserve of the Furlo Gorge, one of the more beloved and visited by our association.

On their website  you can choose between routes of different difficulty and duration, with the possibility of accommodation in facilities along the way or with tent camps. The experience gained over the years allows him to be able to offer extraordinary experiences to a wide audience.


Riding Club Cesane

For those who starts from Urbino and wants to take a walk on horseback in the mountains Cesane Park, the Riding Club Cesane offers relaxing walks. The stables offers riding lessons, summer camps for children made with the ponies and routes in the surrounding hills The city of Urbino. The duration of the excursions may range from half day to two days and in this it case includes a stops in structures organized to care for horses. Among the most beautiful and funniest events organized by our friends  you can find the riding school for children made with Pony,  (see the brochure on this page), a possibility to approach  younger people to a wonderful outdoor sport.




Canyoning consists in descending narrow gorges crossed by small streams. The creek can be crossed on foot, without the use of other means as a canoe or raft.
In the deepest gorges, the obstacles are made up of waterfalls, rock jumps, slides, flooded corridors, ponds. But in different locations the practice of this sport is much less demanding.
Canyoning takes place in groups, between 4 and 8 people. With the right technical training, a good athletic training and a bit of experience, you can safely enjoy the beauty of wild places and the pleasure of a sport practiced outdoors.



If you love extreme sports, the offer of places to visit in our territory does not stop there. There are in fact groups that practice, in safety,  more "extreme" activities. If you are interested in hiking, we will put into contact with our friends of the caving group of Urbino.

Speleology is a science that studies the karst phenomena, like caves and natural cavities, their genesis and their nature. It is inserted between the sciences that study the earth, and in particular, natural phenomena that occur in the subsurface, including the movement of groundwater (hydrology and hydrogeology) and biology (bio speleology). Caving attracts a significant number of people (cave explorers) who practice it as a sport. In Urbino, we have both a well-organized group of cavers  and the proximity of Frasassi caves. If practiced at high levels, it is not a sport for everyone, but even a simple walk in these natural formations can create interest in what happens under our feet and how it changes the territory in which we live.


Corsi di Lingua

Thanks to our partnership with Lingua Ideale, the new spin-off company of the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", w will also give to our members the possibility to study or to enhance the knowledge of Italian culture and language.

Lingua Ideale, was established to answer the growing interest in the Italian language and culture both at home and abroad. The idea of founding Lingua Ideale originates from our big passion for our country, and from the desire to pass it on to our students with care and professionalism.

Our mission is to offer courses of Italian language and culture to foreigners which are carefully designed to meet the linguistic and professional needs of different users profiles.

Excellence is the trademark of our offer:

- Our team is made up of experienced teachers of Italian as a foreign language (FL) or as a Second Language (L2), of scholars of Italian studies and experts in event planning;

- Issuing of ECTS credits accepted by universities all over the world;

- Long tradition of the University of Urbino «Carlo Bo», partner of our company, one of the first universities to organize courses of Italian for foreigners (since 1947);

- The town of Urbino, where our center is set, rated among the UNESCO world heritage sites and perfect destination for culture enthusiasts who, in this man-sized environment, can come into direct contact with the local people and world.




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