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Trekking. For walkers, our territory is second to nowhere else in Italy. The variety of landscapes are exceptional. The time and hydrogeological instability have created unique environments, and  thanks to the absence of no high-speed lines in the sub-Apennines area, they have remained virgins and distant from the effects of the human hand.  So we would like to continue preserving  them with the help of our associates.
We scheduled 3 kinds of excursions: from 2 to 3.5 hours duration. Paths and places to visit are adaptable to the characteristics of the associated participants. And along the way, or at the end of the event, you can stop in shelters or local facilities for refreshments, wine tasting or meals. The choice of the method and timing will depend on participants.

Types of tours

We organizes 3 types of excursions: the Park of Cesane, the Furlo Gorge and Pietralata and the Nerone mountain.





Starting point





2 h

Park of Cesane

Church “delle Selve”

Dirt road/wood

Variable depending on the conditions



3,5 h

Furlo gorge/  Pietralata

Parking of  Furlo’s dyke

Rock/dirt road/wood

Cai 449° path/testa del Duce 440 path



3,5 h

Nerone Mountain

Piobbico’s slope

Rock/dirt road/wood

Cai 1 path /BalzaForata/ Visita t  the cave of Nerone/ 2 path





 We can organize other excursions to other locations as Mount Acuto, Monte Catria and Carpegna ,Monte Simone (less than one hour by car).


NordicWalking. Thanks to the partnership with federal masters of Italian School of Nordic Walking, we also offer to our associates the opportunity to practice this kind of discipline. It is also possible to organize courses to learn  how to "walk with snowshoes", during which we hold educational and practical lessons, aimed at learning how to perform the exercise correctly. For those who already have the basics of the technique we can arrange guided tours with a qualified instructor.
This new discipline is gaining more and more success, in fact, it combines the possibility of staying plunged in the nature with sport. The collaboration with the masters of the Italian School of Nordic Walking allows us to organize events for lovers of this type of activity. The peculiarity of this Scandinavian sport, is the coordination between walking, and the use of sticks and the proper body posture. Thanks to these features it has several benefits for body. In addition to a fitness effect, it improves posture, body control and flexibility of joints. Learning how to practice it in the right way will make you  enjoy the physical well-being with the fun and the pleasure of being surrounded by nature.

Below we list the programs that thanks to the collaboration with friends of ' Energy Nordic Walking Association of San Marino we can propose :


The basic course consists in 3 modules composed by 2 lessons of 2 hours and  one of 1.5 hour (5 hours ). During this course you learn the technique of using chopsticks and the correct shed geometry .


  • Registration procedures, presentations and delivery of sticks to participants

    First lesson: Saturday afternoon at 14.00 (duration 2,00 hours)
    PHASE 1: Relax and discovery of Natural Walk
    PHASE 2: coordinative advancement and alternate technique

    Second lesson: Sunday afternoon from 14.00  (duration 2,00 hours)
    PHASE 3: Postural Elements
    PHASE 4: Breathing
    PHASE 5: Advanced Techniques

    Time and day of advanced class (1 Hour and 30) will be decided with participants.

    During the course we photograph and make videos of participants to improve their skill and technique.


Alternatively to the course it is possible to organize half-day walks in the green, for example along the paths of the Cesane Park. The excursions will be preceded by a briefing with the master during breakfast. At the end of the walk, we can also organize a refreshment to share the experience with the other participants.





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