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    The association's institutional goal are the "diffusion, the development and the practice of cycling or walking and the discovery and exploitation of the Montefeltro's territory".


    More in particular between the various activities carried out by our association we can find:

    • the promotion of the Montefeltro's territory and of its surroundings, the promotion of sport activities, in particular, cycling and MTB and the promotion and developing of hiking and Nordic walking
    • the organization of training activities and technical training for young people and older people in collaboration with other associations, companies, private and public organizations, educational institutions;
    • the preparation of instructors and technicians, through training courses, authorized and sponsored by public administrations or federal authorities, as well as conducting educational activities for the launch, updating and improvement of promoted sports;
    • the organization of courses and training centers for sport, as well as amateur events;
    • the organization of recreational and cultural activities in favor of a better use of free time of members.
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