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    We are a sport association which is born thanks to the desire of its members to share the natural wonders of the local territory, named Montefeltro, with all those interested in hiking. In our territory you can find unique places where you can rediscover the pleasure of being in contact with the nature.

    Our association collaborates with other organizations to show the beauties of the area to which we belong. Thanks to this joint collaboration and  thanks to the passion for nature that we share, we would like to combine fun with the preservation of the places where we live.

    Our tours and excursions can be an opportunity to (re)discover interesting sites, understand the need of preservation of the natural heritage and have fun with friends and family. Moreover, they represent an opportunity to increase your bike know-how (Mtb and others), become a better cyclist and refine the technique necessary to tackle even the roughest trails.

    We also collaborate with the National Association of Mountainbike leaders (AmiBike), which offers basic and advanced programs to refine your riding skills. These programs can be organized separately, or they can be combined with normal excursions. All these activities take place in the unique setting represented by our hills and mountains.

    In case you need to organize your stay in Urbino and in its surroundings, we will be happy to recommend you hotels, rural houses and restaurants where you can have special discounts reserved to our members, many other kind of packages may be organized according to your needs.


    If you want to rent a bike, buy accessories or have technical assistance for your MTB or road bike, you can also take advantage of special discounts at retail outlets of our partners.


    For groups and families we can combine excursions with local products tasting (e. g. wine tasting, cheese tasting) and cultural visits to nearby places such as the Ducal Palace of Urbino or the Gradara Castle.

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